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    Will my PSE Keyword Tags be usable on iPad?

    randyw57 Level 1

      I posted this question in the PSE Forum and got a pointer to look at Photoshop Touch.

      So thought I'd try here:


      I have PSE on Windows 7.

      I also have an iPad.

      Is there any kind of integration between the two platforms?

      I make extensive use of keyword tags. I have tagged all my

      photos with people, pets, places, events, etc. I don't use albums.

      But I can find any picture I want my selecting the right keywords.

      I'd really like to have that kind of selection on the iPad.

      Maybe, at some point I'd want to edit the images on the iPad.

      But that may be a bit down the road. Would depend on syncronization

      of the changes, etc.


      Thanks for any thoughts or advice!