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    Simple way to resize multiple objects?

    Chad Oglesbay Level 1

      So I've just recently started using Fireworks and love it. However, I do have one issue that I haven't been able to figure out. I have created a multi-layered rounded-rectangle button. I know that I can select an individual item and resize using the yellow diamond in the bottom right (to keep the proportions of the rounded rectangle.) However, if I want to resize the whole button, which is five layers, how can I resize everything without distorting the image? I've tried using the Scale tool, but that stretches/smashes it. Grouping the items and resizing does the same thing... There has to be an easier way than resizing each layer at a time! Help!



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          groove25 Level 4

          Chad, I'm having a bit of trouble picturing this. Can you include a before-and-after graphic?


          For instance, what do you mean by "distorting the image"? (I assume the button is made up of vector objects, not a bitmap, correct?) And is this just a vector graphic that looks like a button, or an actual button symbol?


          The simplest way to resize multiple objects (I think) is to drag select, then use the Scale tool, dragging from the corner to preserve the original proportions. Another option would be to use Numeric Transform (under Modify > Transform). Still another option might be to use 9-Slice Scaling (part of the Scale tool group), which can allow you to scale a rounded rectangle while leaving its rounded corners unaffected.

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            Chad Oglesbay Level 1

            Ok, so here is my original button (I've zoomed in some so it'a a little easier to see):


            7-20-2012 1-11-31 PM.png


            There are five layers in all to get this effect. I now need to create a "Next" button and I want to keep the same rounded edges and everything. So if I try first to select everything:


            7-20-2012 1-11-58 PM.png

            And if I select the last outer yellow diamond, this is what happens:


            7-20-2012 2-41-04 PM.png


            So I then try grouping and "scaling" the image, this is what happens:  (even when grabbing from the corner to keep perspective...)


            7-20-2012 2-40-44 PM.png


            NOT COOL!


            So, how can I resize all 4 layers (minus text) without distorting the image, or having to resize one at a time? Am I missing something?

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              groove25 Level 4

              Here are a few quick ideas:


              The yellow diamonds belong to the individual Auto Shapes. If you select multiple objects and choose Free Transform (Command-T) or the Scale tool, you should see a bounding box with eight square points (black with white stroke). Those are the points that you want to drag to resize all the selected objects at once. And the corner points will preserve the original proportions of the individual objects.


              Scale or Transform.png


              If you're converting your "Main Menu" button to a "Next" button, it sounds like you may simply want to squash the button horizontally—as in your last graphic, but without the border distortion. If that's the case, you might want to try 9-Slice Scaling. This video offers a good introduction to the topic:


              http://colorburned.com/use-9-slice-scaling-in-adobe-fireworks-cs4-to-scale-objects-without -distortion/

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                Chad Oglesbay Level 1

                Thanks for your response. The Transform didn't work and that's what I tried earlier in my examples, I still got the distortion on the edges. However, the 9-Slice Scaling DID work and that was something I didn't know about. Thank you so much for pointing this out and it will be invaluable to me going forward!