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    Director malfunction?


      My revised product (having to rebuild for Mac because of death of OSControl with Mac OS Lion) was 99.9% finished, when suddenly today on launch of the movie I get


      Script error: "Cast member not found"


      with the offending script being an installMenu member command for a cast member that most definitely DOES exist. Concurrent with this is the disappearance of all of the Director menus except Help. The only way to get the menus to reappear is to relaunch Director. That doesn't solve the problem, though.


      Restarting the computer, deleting Director preferences, recompling scripts: nothing helps. Has anybody seen this sort of thing?




      Mac Powerbook running 10.7.4

      Director 11.5

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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          Hi bd525,

          Did you manage to find a solution? This is a late reply but here's some advice for finding and resolving issues:
          - If the error is tied to the script with an installMenu, try moving that into a clean (ie. new) Director movie and see if you can get it working there. If it does work, then you'd know there is something else in your original movie that has the problem. If it still gives an error, you can look into the script and see if there is anything there that is not quite right.


          Debugging is often a process of elimination, thinking abot possible causes and eliminating them one by one. Taking a probblem area into a new files helps eliminate a lot of thngs so is a good first test.



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            bd525 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Dean, but the problem is now probably moot. It only appeared on the copy of Director 11.5 on my office Mac; everything's fine on my home Mac. Who knows why? I've recently been upgrading the home Mac to Mountain Lion, with no troubles, and I'll soon erase the office hard drive and clone my home hard drive to it. So, I expect things will be fine there as well.