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    A positive report (so far)

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      I have been a long time Premiere user (version 3, yes 3, not CS3 onward) and have been generally pleased with the overall experience. I also was being a bit of a bug about the subscription idea (too many bad experiences with the likes of Auto Desk and the ilk) and I found the idea of being forced to upgrade as versions came out or face an ever increasing upgrade fee distasteful. I have Master Collection and that is not inconsequential to do. Well after cooling my jets and actually looking at the Creative Cloud offer, I upgraded (at a very reasonable cost). Being on a continual upgrade path is nice as well.


      Positive Point One: Upgrade model is friendly


      Additionally since the version 6 Premiere I have dearly missed hearing audio in the trim monitor. When I complained I received overwhelming silence. Adobe suggested a feature request and the community said "maybe that was useful, I've never really needed that, what do you use that for". My work flow. Timeline, fast forward looking for breaks and mark them, goto top and use shortcuts to advance to next marker, cut. Go to top, open Trim Monitor and advance through, quickly ripple and rock-n-roll through cut points (listening to audio as well as looking at picture to find the rough cuts)


      IT'S BACK!!! Audio in the trim mode . Additionally now material on different tracks trim just fine. No advancing along and skipping chunks on different tracks (I lift material to higher tracks for a quick sorting method. ie. Track 1 probably not useful, Track 2: potential use, Track 3 Primary Use)


      Also the new trim modes (which being a long time premiere editor, I am not that used to yet) appear to have great value.


      Positive Point Two: Trimming much improved


      So after complaining, I offer a Thank You to Adobe. And of course all the goodness all over the place, both Premiere and other apps make me giddy.


      Kevin L

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          Agreed. I have been using it since CS3, coming from Avid, Velocity & FCP. It simply gets better with each new revision, but CS6 feels like they've really hit it hard. The overall user experience feels faster and more intuitive. For me, it's almost a nebulous thing, but it just feels better, for whatever that's worth.

          I've currently been comparing CS6 to Smoke 2013 (doing the same project in parallel) and I keep coming back to CS6. While I would prefer nodal compositing (I come from a Nuke/Fusion bknd), the CS6 suite is much snappier. Disk caching in AE it a huge help, and Dynamic link (while in need of a few tweaks, feature-wise) is still a great feature. Granted, Smoke is in Alpha/Beta, but I'd take the Pepsi Challenge anyday with the CS6 suite over Smoke.