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    Myriad Pro font is all grayed out on iPhone/iPad when used on MS Office program saved PDF document




      I have spoken to Hardik, Alex and a few more Adobe representatives about this issue and I have had a terrible responses. They disconnected my call while I was on hold. They kept shying away from their responsibility to give me a solution than just telling me that they do not support handheld devices when it is not even an issue with handheld devices.


      I wish to use Myriad Pro family of fonts for our corporate slides and other related material, but when I use this font on any MS Office program like Powerpoint or Word, save that document as PDF and try to view that PDF file on iPad or iPhone, the font is all distorted and shaded and completely unreadable.


      The same font works when a document is saved as a PDF via Illustrator or any other Adobe program which proves it is not an issue with iPad or the iPhone but with either Microsoft Office or Adobe's product (Myriad Pro).


      I will be contacting Microsoft for the same but there is a high possibility that they will blame Adobe for this problem as the font is owned by Adobe.


      I just needed any Adobe's representative to support me when I talk to Microsoft in fixing this problem. I am not interested in known who is responsible and who is not, but how can I fix this problem.


      Please help.