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    Having a Problem with Clipping Masks

    cnitski Level 1

      Everytime I add an adjustment layer to CS5 layers palette, the adjustment layer comes in as a clipping mask and is clipped to the layer below.  I must have accidently invoked something that is causing this.  It is very frustrating and time consuming have to change each layer in my stack.       WHAT DID I DO WRONG... and HOW DO I FIX IT.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          In the Adjustments panel flyout menu uncheck Clip to Layer.





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            cnitski Level 1

            Thank you thank you thank you

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              And be sure not to leave the option clip to layer checked after using that option.  If left in that state CS4 CS5 and CS6 will Action Player add adjustment Layer to applied to all Layers clipped instead.  I don't know what junior programmer added the bug in CS4.  The Action Player should never consult the Adjustment Panel state. For the action may not have been recorded on the machine or in a version of Photoshop that had an adjustment panel. For as long as I can remember the action recorder and action player had not problem in that area. I did not upgrade to CS4. I reported it to Adobe in CS5. Adobe accepted that its a bug but they deferred fixing it in CS5. Adobe support told me it was fixed in CS6. It is not....

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                JJ, I have high hopes for a fix in Photoshop CS27.  It's clearly a huge bug that will require a rewrite. 


                Not that you should have to do so, but have you tried recording a "Release Clipping Mask current layer" step to work around the problem?  Seems like that could make the operation more deterministic, but I haven't experimented with it.  Nor do I know how what versions can support that step.





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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Noel as I have noted in the past it is easy to code around the bug by recording all add adjustment layers clipped to previous layer then un-clip the ones you want to be applied to all, The problem is this will not fix all the good action that been recorded in the past and download by members in a large community of Photoshop user. I don't have a clue to how many have download actions I made available. I stopped using Adobe exchange while the exchange recorded the number of downloads exchange makes it almost impossible to make updates for they need to approved them first and they never seem to.  I know thousands have downloaded my actions but don't know if any use them or who use them.  The only contact I have is if someone reports a bug. Yes some get by me to.   Most of the downloaders of these actions don't know that Adobe has introduce a bug that may effect actions they downloaded and have been using for many releases of Photoshop without problems. The nasty part is action will work correctly sometime and not other time and when some of the failure happen there is no error message an adjustment layer of the right type is added and may effect most of the document correctly so the error my go un-notice at the time it happens and then may notice at some later date.  The bug need to be fixed. Then actions with the work around and those without the work around will work correctly.