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    Audio levels change in nested sequences

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I thought I was going crazy, but now I have confirmed that my audio leves change with nested sequences.


      Say I have a crazy 5 minute sequence with a lot of audio and video clips. I adjust all my levels and shoot for an average of -10db for my audio. When that's done, I take that 5-minute sequence and drop it into my master timeline for my 22 minute show.


      SOMEHOW, when I drop it in my master, the once-perfect 5-minute sequence is now quieter and the level meter verifies it.  It is between 5-10 db lower than when it was in the 5-minute sequence.


      I have verified and reverified that on the master sequence there are NO audio effects or tweaks, either to the individual sequences OR on the "master" audio layer. It is a virgin sequence drop only reading 0 db. on the audio level.


      Anyone else experience this?


      Any suggestions?