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    Caldigit raid array - Dulce raid array

    lasvideo Level 4

      In my transition from Mac Pro to HP Z820 I realized in order to maximize use of the Mercury Playback engine, I was going to need to upgrade my raid.


      A week ago I took delivery of the Caldigit HD Pro 2 16TB. system. It was very well made. But there were two issues that were problematic. The speed from the system did not match up to what I was getting with my old Mac Pro and Maxx Digital setup. Eric (here at the Hardware site) warned me that the PC's NTFS system didn't perform as fast as the OSX hard drives. The write speed was within 100 points but the read speed was off by about 300. And this system boasts that its PCIE card in combination with its Intel processor create a system that is a speed demon.


      But what really was the final straw was the fan noise. The PSU has a very loud fan that is not controlled by a thermostatic device, its on full speed all the time. I used it in 2 sessions with clients and both complained how loud it was. Since I keep it next to the computer not in a machine room, this just wasn't going to work.


      So Safe Harbor once again was a great help in making the return of the Caldigit raid as smooth as possible. I had researched the Dulce Pro DQg2 16TB system and even exchanged emails with current users. Im hoping when I take delivery on Tuesday that  it will be just what I needed.