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    Italic fonts dont' show up in dynamic html textfield

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      Dear Forum

      I am loading in xml text (CDATA nodes) and parsing the text with the "XML.firstChild.nodeValue" function into a dynamically created textfield (html set to true, putting text into .htmlText).

      I am having problems with getting the italic text to work(<i>Italic text</i>). Underlined text works (<u>underlined text</u>). Does this mean that the font doesn't have the outlines embedded for the italic text? I would think so right?

      Well I've tried to embed it by adding another font in the library with the same name as the regular article font, only with the italic option embedded. I have also on the first frame a dynamic text field of that font with the embedded option of all characters, numbers and latin characters enabled...

      I am honestly stuck with this one... what else could I be missing?

      any leads much appreciated.

      Thank you

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          I know this post is old, but if you still need a possible solution:

          Right-click in your Library pane and select "New Font". Name the font whatever you want (i.e. My Font Italic) and mark the Italic checkbox. Also, change the size of the font (i.e. if you want the italicized font to show up in size 12, you should type "12" in the Size field). This worked for me.