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    Macbook Pro crashing

    garretthestla Level 1

      I have a MacBook Pro 17 with 2.3 GHZ Intel Core i7, 8GB ram, Version 10.7.4

      I'm using CS6 6.0.1

      I have noticed the crashes happen most often when I'm using mixed formats on a timeline.

      The problem I'm having now is on a sequence with footage from a Canon 5D and Canon 305. I dropped the footage in and let it change the sequence to match (5D). I edited this sequence with no problems until I added footage from the 305. First I just dropped it in as an MXF file. It seemed to be working great until I let my Mac do an auto update. It was for the latest version of iPhoto. After that premiere was very sluggish and the sequence stuttered and stalled terribly. The audio would plat fine but video poorly. I rebooted numerous times. The update may have been unrelated.


      I exported the MXF file as Prorez 422. Same problem. I noticed the sequence was 23.97 so I exported it HDV 23.97. It actually worked fine after that for a few minutes then crashed. After a reboot it was back to the stuttering. Rendering the sequence doesn't help.


      When I say crashes I mean the black screen drops down with all the languages that say "your screwed" reboot. This hard crash has happened 4 times now and I can't get this simple little project done.

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          Jim Curtis Level 3

          That's a kernel panic, not a crash. 


          I strongly suggest you get Disk Warrior, and run it after you get Kernel Panics,  routinely, any time your Mac starts behaving strangely.  Why this most valuable utility isn't built into the Mac Os is beyond me, but it's a must-have for Mac owners.  Alsoft.com.  Works for me, but some people claim KPs are hardware related.  I think they're driver related; you need a driver in most cases to run graphic and PCI cards, slot cards, etc.