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    Workflow between Premiere & Apple Color

    Richardcavell Level 1

      Hi, all.  I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on OS X.  I am a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud and I also have Motion on my machine.  I have a Windows machine that currently has no relevant software installed.


      Our video productions require colour correction, and I can't do that because I'm severely colour blind.  I have a mate who can do it but he's in another city.  He uses Apple Color.  He has Final Cut Pro Suite, and CS 5 (not 6) on Mac.


      I want to export my projects in such a way that he can colour correct them and export them so that I can load them back into CS6.  I'll probably have to transfer files over the Internet so it would be good if we can make them as small as possible.  Any ideas how we can make this work?