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    iPad3 poor performance

    vitalik2k Community Member



      I tried many options and this problem is very annoying, I created simple folio with JPEG (Max quality) articles, when I swile to the left/right I definitelly see 1-2 sec delay,

      my clients are unhappy, what can I say to them... let's wait until Adobe fix this.

      I also tried PDF articles but it's not ideal too.. it's some kind of 'focusing' for same 1-2 seconds.

      1024x768 is not an opion, it looks awful on retina screen (but works fine).

      Adobe, please fix it in next release, iPad3 becoming popular and de-facto standard. It's not a feature request.



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          Anselm Hannemann Community Member

          Can you say how large your folio is? Just look at acrobat.com (not digitalpublishing.acrobat.com) and look to details of the folio stack. There you can find the folio size.

          I have several folios and no real problems that aren't relying on hardware (graphics) problems…