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    Sites using Flash crash unless IE9 is run as administrator on Win7

    999philip wa.



      "suddenly" my IE9 (32-bit edition on Win7 Prof. 64 bit) was hanging (page tab freezes) on several web pages. Some hours later I found out that when I deactivated the Flash Player ActiveX Add-On, everything was fine again. This is reproducable.


      When I right-click IE9 and run it as administrator, the Flash Player and websites will work.


      I've tried kind of everything to fix this, otherwise I wouldn't post here.


      - I reset m IE9 to default settings, erased all caches etc.


      - I've run the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller, cleaned some directories according to various manuals and so on. I've even thried a registry cleanup batch provided by Adobe.


      - But then, when I try to re-install the plug-in (e.g. via http://get.adobe.com/de/flashplayer/), the installer won't even execute unless I download it manually and run the install as administrator.


      - My UAC on Windows is unchanged and set to defaults. MS Security Essentials is not the problem either, and I don't run any additional bloatware.


      - The plug-in for FF doesn't work either.


      What can I do?