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    Pluraleyes creates a synched sequence--Convert this to Multicam Sequence-How?


      I understand how to make a multicam sequence from clips in a bin.

      However, I want to make a multicam sequence from tracks in a sequence.

      Is this possible? How? I can't find any information.


      I have a synched sequence created by Pluraleyes. I has 3 tracks. I want to put this sequence into the multicam monitor.

      But everything is grayed out, no matter how I seem to select the tracks, etc.


      I am exporting each track into a new clip.

      But this is taking two hours.

      Is there any way to convert the synched sequence to a sequence that will open in the multicam monitor?


      [Also, is there any way to export video out of a sequence without re-encoding everything? Nothing has changed except the in and out points.]


      Thank you!