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    MacBook Pro Retina display


      Any update in the works  to support Nivida-Cuda card in MacBook Pro with Retina display?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The old rule still applies: Those who know don't tell, those who tell don't know.


          Try the hack, but don't expect miracles from such a weak card. My guess is that Adobe will prioritize support for better cards first.

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            stevecahill Level 1

            It's the card that's in the MacBookpro I can not change that. Overall this new MacBook pro is much more speedy than my 2 year old previous version. Render performance much much faster, so I am happy about that indeed!  Much lighter and not as thick.  Just waiting for more thunderbolt options, in particular thunderbolt to FireWire adapter to use some existing drives I have.


            I just completed a edit using a USB 3.0 drive, lighting fast with 1920x1080 HD footage.  I am thinking USB 3.0 drive may offer cost benefit over thunderbolt w/o too many compromises . Still testing this to see. I like having USB bus powered vers a power adapter when on the road.

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              Bengaldad Level 1

              I would hardly call the nVidia 650M a "weak" graphics card.  It has 1 GB of VRAM and stands in the middle of nVidia's mobile graphics card lineup (see http://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook-gpus/geforce-gt-650m).  Some quite powerful PC laptops use this graphics card as well as the Macbook Pro with Retina display where this card has been found to give excellent frame rates with some pretty demanding video games.  It should be more than powerful enough to support accelerated filters and effects in Premiere Pro CS6.  Adobe needs to implement support for this card as soon as possible. 



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                It has only 20% of the cores of the 680, it uses a 128 bit memory bus, has only around 30% of the memory bandwidth of a 680, so that is weak in my book. It performs no better than a 460M and that has shown to be weak in comparison to desktop video cards.

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                  Bengaldad Level 1

                  Well, Harm, I suppose anything less than the top end nVidia card would be considered weak by you.  Examination of the specs and performance as well as the laptops in which the 650M is installed is a clear indication of how strong the 650M is in its on right.  I have a GTX285 in my Mac Pro which works fine with PP CS6 using hardware enabled mode and I have no doubt that the 650M is at least as powerful. I responded because I thought your intitial reponse was less than helpful and incorrect.  I stand by that. Hopefully, Adobe uses a different standard for choosing the graphics cards to suport than you.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    The GTX 285 is more than 2 times slower than an old GTX 480. A GT 460M or 650M is around 4 - 6 times slower than a 480.

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                      Bengaldad Level 1

                      The GTX285 and 480 are desktop graphic cards.  The GT 650M is a mobile (laptop) graphics card.  It is not surprising to me that the speed of the 650M do not match the GTX285.  Your point seems to be that the 650M is not worth Adobe's time to enable CUDA hardware processing of effects.  I disagree with that point and I hope Adobe chooses not to ignore laptop users when enabling video cards to work with PP CS6.



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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        A short overview of mobile GeForce cards:


                        GeForce M cards.png

                        That is without any Quadro cards and likely not complete. Where would Adobe put its priorities?


                        IMO the 670/680 are more pressing, but anyway one can still try the hack as pointed out in post # 1. It works or it does not. You can't expect Adobe to 'support' each and every video card on the market.

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                          Chris Smith x0h00 Level 1

                          I think supporting the 650M quickly is a special case this time.  Since, as I'm sure many Apple-using types know there has been a massive wait and demand for a new Mac Pro and yet there wasn't one.  So I feel, like many others had the only choice of buying the new Retina display until Apple gets around to making a proper desktop.  So, I imagine there will be quite a flood of new Retina MBP users needing all the power they can get very quickly.  I will admit though, this laptop is quite fast with Pr without GPU.  But then again, I only use Pr for getting to an EDL and do all effects in Nuke or AE so I don't ask much of it , except to move through video with a snap.  And I was kind of blown away how snappy it is.  That being said, in general, the card is letting me down with the amount of things I'm asking from it elsewhere.  I had it thunderbolted to 2 27" displays and they just about used up all it could do.  AE would flicker on video outs and DaVinci Resolve would barely do 1 node before turning to noise and giving me GPU errors. After removing a monitor, DaVinci gave me 9 nodes in real time and AE was solid.  So, I already had to retire 1 of the brand new displays to the corner of the room so the 650M could handle any other work.  So, until Apple gives the world a usable desktop, I think it's fair in this case to ask Adobe to hurry up and make up a little bit for Apple letting the world down



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                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                            The After Effects CS6 (11.0.2) update was just released:  http://adobe.ly/AE1102


                            The Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2) update was released about a month ago.


                            With these two updates, both of our video applications that use GPU acceleration now use the GT 650M for that purpose.

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                              Bengaldad Level 1



                              As someone who purchased and uses the Macbook Pro with Retina display, I am very pleased to see these two updates that have brought support for this outstanding display in both AFter Effects and Premiere Pro CS6.  Kudos to the folks at Adobe for supporting the nVidia 650M graphics card in the Macbook Pro with Retina Display.



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                                Andrew M Clark Level 1

                                Todd -


                                Do the latest updates (for the MBP RD & GPU acceleration) apply for both the Mac and Windows versions?