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    Problems with Rendering




      I uploaded a video to utube the other day, here -




      And, I have somes questions about the rendering in it.


      At the top of the left screen (where you can see the amount of bullets in the gun) the whole bar is solid, when in any other of my videos its not, can u actually see the different segments of the bullets, like here -




      In the video which is split screen (the first one) the video on the right, the bullets are showing as segments as well, but when I swap the clips over (right video moved to the left and vise versa) the solid bars shows on the (new) left clip and not on the (new) right clip.


      Was this just a problem with how it rendered and just one of those things, or is it something else?


      Also, about 10mins into the video, the video starts to flicker, just the left screen, this also hasn't happened before.


      Its not causing any real problem, Im just wondering if I would need to change some sort of setting, so it doesnt happen again.