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    premiere pro cs6 multicam stress test


      hey everyone.


      been shooting with 6 synced cameras recently, and the whole project setup worked just fine for as i decided to switch from fcp to premiere with this project.


      i edited the first two clips back in fcp just to make sure i get in the groove before diving into a new program which i expected nothing less from than to work properly


      which it did in the beginning.customizable keyboard layout, familiar workspace, everything seemed in place.


      i easily set up my sometimes 16-track multiclips and this is where it got really bumpy.

      so i am writing this to get feedback proving me wrong.


      first of all:

      why is there a multicam monitor that sort of hovers above the timeline and doesn't interact with it?

      sure i can press record and then select my angles, but with more complicated setups this is close to totally unusable. i don't want to react to my images, i want to be ahead of the cut.

      more precisely: if i shuttle frame by frame in the multicam monitor, the record option is inactive, but for certain, more complex edits (16 tracks...) edits i need this like a fish needs water, because my brain doesnt process 16 tracks at once and sometimes i want to make 2 or 3 cuts a second... you get the point.


      this "thing" (multicam monitor) is semi pro, at best.


      so i closed this window and tried it the usual way...


      lets say i have a timeline and it's been edited 10 seconds in, maybe 15 cuts.


      if i now doubleclick my timeline and shuttle over it, i'd expect my source window to

      1) display my 16 tracks simultaneously in the source monitor.

      2) mark the track that i am currently on in the timeline in the source monitor ("jumping" yellow mark around the current track).


      ...it doesn't.


      while in fcp it all runs simultaneously.


      in premiere i have to drag the timeline onto the source monitor, then "gag" it with the program monitor and then...


      if i play it back just the selected monitor (source/program) plays it back.


      why is this?


      first of all: if i gag both monitors after shuttling at different times - out of sync.

      why do i even have to do this?


      so my current workaround is this.


      - multiclip (nested sequence actually) on my timeline.

      - drag it onto the source monitor.

      - gag it with the program monitor (otherwise my timeline cursor doesnt move)

      - select the frame where it want to cut

      - select my timeline again

      - cut


      and start all over.


      if i forget about one of these steps it gets reeeeally messy.


      please tell me that i am doing it all wrong.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          PP works differently than FCP, so don't expect things to be the same.


          If you want to see all the angles, use the multicam monitor.  If realtime cutting is too difficult from so many angles, you can JKL as desired and CTRL+Click on the angle you want to switch to.

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            swigglerz Level 1

            you're right, but i never expected premiere pro to be "the same".


            and i am not gonna complain about the multicam functionality once more, i just like things to work and usually it's human error,

            but in this case PP just seems to lack certain vital functions.


            if i ctrl+click it it gives me a context menu, which i can leave aside by doubleclicking/dragging the timeline to the source monitor and then simply click the desired angle.


            if i ignore my timeline and just rely on the "go to next edit point" button in the multicam monitor, i can not set an edit point without playing back... (if there's a shortcut take this as virtual hug if you tell me)


            then i have to close the MCmonitor in order to trim my cuts, then jump back in the MCmonitor.


            adobe put so much effort in reducing clutter (which i definitely give them the credits for, well done adobe.)..

            but this specific function reduces the working speed immensely, especially when you have to use it 12hours+.


            the program is called "pro" and i just hope adobe takes this term more seriously than the company with the well known fruit logo did.


            don't get me wrong i know what it means to pull off a major rewrite like this and i bow in awe before adobe to create such flawless software, but this is a chance for as thousands of ex-fcp users tend to switch these days. not just for software reasons but also for hardware reasons because on the pro side a macpro is just not enough for certain workloads anymore.



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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              if i ctrl+click it it gives me a context menu


              Sorry.  I meant to say CTRL+Click the angle you want in the multicam monitor.  A click will switch to that angle.  A CTRL+Click will switch to that angle and add a cut.