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    Need help with work flow!


      I'm running AE CS5 on Mac. I have created small sections of footage in AE before, but this time I am doing a complete song music video.


      Here's my problem. I deleted sections from my project window thinking the pre-comps would hold the footage.


      Here was my work flow. I started the song up to first verse...added Trapcode efxs and so on saved and closed AE file. I then made new AE file...1st verse and did the same. I ended up with three AE project files and decided to make one project file for complete song. I could not figure out how to import comps from any of the first three projects, so I imported all three projects into my new song project. I made folders for 1st verse, chorus and so on. I dragged each of the sections from other projects to my new song project comp...added a few key frames along with some tweaks and did pre compose and moved all attributes into new comp. I could see the new pre-comp was placed in the old project directory, so I moved it to the 1st verse folder in my new Song project. Here's one place I know I screwed up. I then deleted the first three projects from my new Song project window thinking my Pre-Comps would have the footage from them, but when I looked, all my Pre-Comps were empty. And I didn't notice until after I hit save.


      I can still import the three projects back into my new project, but I would like to have them pop back into the new Song project timeline with keyframes. Is this possible? And what's the best way to import comps from other AE projects. Seems like most of what I found was importing Photoshop and Illustrator comps.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you delete footage from the Project Panel it is gone forever from your Compositions. All of the effects and all of the keyframes go away.


          Your only option is to re-import the original AE projects and go from there. Simply organizing files and folders in the comp window won't change any comps, but if you've got duplicate footage used in different comps you can't delete one of the copies without deleting all of the references to that footage in your comps.


          The best thing to do when you're adding a bunch of AE projects to an existing project is to run File>Consolidate Footage and build a new project. Duplicate footage will be eliminated and you'll have everything ready work on.

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            Pilkinton Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Rick. Looks like I lost a days work, but gained some valuable instructions. The good thing is, I had exported the footage I needed before I deleted the Project files. I'm guessing the only way to pull a comp from another project is to import like I did. I will now read up on consolidating footage.


            Thanks again


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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              Just one little note: even though you hit 'Save' but didn't close your project, you still can 'Undo'...