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    how to hyperlink from a pdf file to a specific page in a second pdf file


      I would like to setup a set of pdf documents, on the hard disk of a PC or Mac, that can be open in acrobat pro and have hyperlinks that jump to, and open in a new window, in acrobat pro, to a given page of a second document in the set.


      It seems to me to be something that everyone would want to do and should be simple enough.

      But I seem to be missing something.


      I had partial success a few years ago using what I recall are the following general points:


      Create files in word,

      Use absolute address

      Use / not \,

      Converting the spaces in the address to %20

      Set the hyperlink base to “file:///T:/PdfDocumentsFolder/”

      Add location with  #page=3 to end of file name, 

      Convert to pdf with acrobat pdfmaker

      Open pdf with web browser into reader.(could not get it to work on mac with OS 9) by Checking Edit-Preferences-Internet-Web Browser Options-Display PDF in browser


      This will allow the pdf to open to a given page, but only in the acrobat reader under MS IE, Not in Acrobat pro and not on a mac even in the reader.


      Now I have a large (500) PDF documents with a very large number of comments and a key user switched to a Mac and can not automatically go to the page and would lose or have to transfer comments that have been made on the pdfs.


      I have looked at and tried a number of things that have not worked:


      Change all the links by hand:

      Tools-Advanced Editing-Link

      Action-Open file


      I can not see where when Inserting a link by hand one can place the page number

      Action-Open weblink


      Close, This can open a file,

      If Edit-Preferences-Internet-Web Browser Options-Display PDF is checked it will jump to a page

      But if it is not checked it will open in acrobat pro and not to the page

      Does not seem to work on a mac


      Looked at acrobat javascript


      Don’t seem to see any method that would allow a page number

      Under open document

      Open under a URL

      app.launchURL("Document.pdf", true);

      seems to error if a #page=2 is add to file name


      Looked at security

      Don’t seem to see that there is anything in the preferences that can be set to enable the jump to page action


      Looked at privileged and non-privileged and did not see how that would help


      Looked at adding disclosed=true;

      function Disclose()


      this.disclosed = true;



      Looked at Portfolios to see if some kind of group of documents would allow the jumps but could not find a solution.



      I have not looked at bookmarks to see if I bookmarked every page “Pagexxx” and then jump to the bookmark would get around the problem.



      So I am not getting the right combination and could use some help













      Current Systems in use:

      Windows XP

      Acrobat 9 pro version 9.4.4




      Mac OS 10 Lion version 10.7.4

      Acrobat 9 pro version 9.5.1

      (note I have limited understanding of Mac’s)




      In a similar vain within the word source documents I was able to get a hyperlinks to make the same kind of jump to a page using a VBA macro with the following call:

      Shell "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe  /A page=" & iPageNum & "&Zoom=125=OpenActions """ & sHyperlinkBase & sHyperlinkAddress & """", vbNormalFocus


      After parsing the hyperlink and to get file name and  the page number


      So I know acrobat pro can be called as an application to jump to a page