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    StageVideo volume control in iOS


      It seems that the volume for stageVideo cannot be controlled in iOS. Can someone confirm this?


      It works fine on desktop and in the browser, but NOT in iOS. I used this simple method (AIR 3.2):


      var videoVolumeTransform:SoundTransform = new SoundTransform();

      videoVolumeTransform.volume = 0;

      _ns.soundTransform = videoVolumeTransform;


      Is there any workaround to control volume of stageVideo? I don't even need full volume control, just the ability to mute the sound.


      Any tips?


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          M0N5TERS Level 1



          Ok, it seems that this is a bug specifically with GPU rendering.


          When I use an mp4 file with h.264 video, I cannot control the sound. But when I use an FLV video with the exact same code, it works just fine.


          FYI, I also tested with Xcode Instruments to confirm this. When using the FLV, Instruments shows high CPU load, but when using mp4 the CPU load is very load. Yes, that's the whole point of stagevideo, but unfortunately can't control audio.