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    Single page view not working.

    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

      Hi, everyone.


      I have created a book using Blurb's template for InDesign. After I finished the book I exported it as a PDF file and wanted to review it on my notebook and iPad but Acrobat only displays it in two page view (the 'spread' as InDesign refers to it).


      I've tried a vew options in Acrobat including view in single page mode but so far haven't been able to make it work. In addition, although I have chosen the option in Acrobat to have a space displayed between pages when viewing the 2-page spread, the space still doesn't show.


      Any ideas as to how this can be accomplished ?


      I need to be able to see this PDF on page at a time instead of the 2-page spread as Acrobat displays it now.


      Thank you in advance for your help.