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    Which ATI GPU cards offer higher color Gamut?

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      I have decided to put an DDR5 ATI card in my new Win7-64 build for editing photographs, compositing, etc. As I have used nVidia up to now I am unfamiliar with the ATI lines.


      I have looked at both discussions here and the ATI site, but it isn't clear which cards will best drive my ASUS higher-gamut monitor. I have to build a new system right now. (Willl not overclock a i7-3770 or use two GPU cards linked with Crossfire. No plans for any gaming.) I would also like to keep this part of the build at a couple hundred or less. I saw that FirePro boards range a lot higher than Radeon, which I realize is gaming-oriented.


      I hope to get DVI and Displayport as outputs. I use two 24" monitors, and the older unit can accept only DVI (or VGA, which I would avoid.)


      Any thoughts about the current ATI line for higher gamut?


      Thanks, in advance.