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    Project loads but is suddenly almost completely unresponsive

    VidNoob Level 1

      I let Premiere export out a video over night last night. Woke up to find it locked up but the export worked. Seems like maybe a huge memory leak or something (using premiere 5.5.2). So I loaded the projhect back up to work on it some more and noticed that it was almost 100% unresponsive. if I move the CTI to a point on the line, i might get the video to update in the program window, but typically i am just gettign grey video. If I click to play I get nothing. None of the autosaves work because It autosaved overnight and they are all slow like this now. I notice that when the project is loading, things seem to be ok, but when ti finally loads everything up, thats when everything freezes.  If I try loading anothe rproject from the menu, Premiere becomes unresponsive and I need to kill the process.


      Also I created a new project and tried importing a sequence from the frozen projects and no sequnces show up in the box.