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    gtx 680 vs two gtx 570?


      I don't think I have enough inform to make a informed decision...


      How helpful can two gpu(s) be for affect effects?  Would you link those gpus in sli? 


      Anybody running two or more gpu's for after effects?


      How does the gtx 680 compare to the gtx 570 in terms of affer effects performance?


      Sorry if these questions have been answered a thousand times.. I've been having some trouble finding the info...

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          What's not listed there is not supported - for GPU accelerated raytracing, that is (someone needs to update the doc, though, the GTX 680 is supported in the latest patch). For everything else it's an utterly moot point - even a 30 Euro 3 year old ATI card from the budget tray will handle all other OpenGL features in AE. And since you posted the same question on the PS forum: No, just because you have 2 cards, the performance won't multiply by two. On the contrary, using two cards may cause trouble. Just like AE, it's completely irrelevant for most PS standard features, anyway.



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            for after effects,  would the gtx 680 be a better card then the gtx 580 for raytracing/OpenGl?


            what benefit would two gpus be in after effects then?  i read on there site they do support it (for raytracing at least).

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              i know you wouldn't get twice the power with two cards...  i just wanted to know if anyone was running two cards in AE and what are the benefits of such.

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                You're looking for a simple answer that doesn't exist. In both scenarios the potential speed gains will be at best 10-15% compared to a single GTX 570/580 or whatever, which, given the overall slowness of the raytracing stuff is marginal, for all intents and purposes. A 680 may fare a bit better while you work - it is, after all, newer and more optimized - but that advantage may still evaporate when you crank up the quality for final rendering and enable DOF, motion blur and all those costly features. And as I said many times: I wouldn't base any purchasing decisions on CS6' 3D. All comparisons where people brag about rendering 5 seconds of some simple text animation in an hour make me go "So what? I've been doing that the last 10 years in my 3D programs." So in all fairness, as far as I'm concerned, you are looking to solve a very specific need on the wrong end using the wrong means. You can have much more fun using Video CoPilot's Element or a 3D program and neither will impose those outrageous hardware requiremnts to work their magic. If you feel you still need that raytrace stuff, then personally I'd settle for a single GTX570/580 right now. The simple truth is that a half year from now there will be much better Keppler-based cards than a costly GTX 680 and Adobe may even care to support them then, so you'd regret spending a lot of money for nothing. And did I mention that Element will burn like crazy on a GTX 580 in which you could invest the money saved in the process?



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                  Thanks for the detail response.  I'm not trying to get a completle answer.


                  I'm just to trying to become more aware of the gtx 6** limiations and advantages. I'm new to video editing.  I plan on creating a rig and giving it a go.


                  I'll be sure to look into CoPilot's Elments and other programs for 3d animation.