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    Can't Stay Activated - Cloud Subscription

    FuelMe Level 1

      I have the CS 6 subscription. Using PremPro, AE, SpeedGrade, Audition, PS. I also have CS 5.5 apps installed on the same machine.

      Problem: I have to active my subscription every day.

      For some reason my computer does not stay activated.

      I contacted Adobe technical support. They walked me through changing the permissions in one of the directories involved in the activation process. However, this did not fix the issue. I still have to re-activate manually every day.


      ***Side note in case someone is experiencing the same issue****

      One day I couldn't open up PPro CS6 projects that contained AVCHD timelines. Supposedly the timeline presets couldn't be found. I had been using CS 6 for about a week or so up to that point. Turns out PPro considers itself a trial version everyday (and therefore doesn't let you use AVCHD timelines), until I activate again. But there was no way for me to manually force activation again. By accident I discovered that when I open up After Effects CS6, and wait a few seconds, an activation window opens up and ask me to activate again using my Adobe ID. I have to do this EVERY DAY before I can use any CS 6 apps.

      //end side note***


      I'm on Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.



      Thanks in advance for any help.