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    procedurally select multiple items in a list control

      How do I procedurally select multiple items in a list control.

      I have an xml object generated from a server-side script that I want to preselect items in a list control (such as a simple list or datagrid) Basically I am storing a user's selections in a database and when the user returns to this page I want to display back what they had previously set so they can modify their settings.

      I can highlite the correct list item using the findString method but I'm not sure how to actually select it (use a send event?) and how to select multiple items (I have allowMultipleSelection set to true)

      or is there a better way to do this?

      I am new to flex still learning stuff, and have traditionally used php generated html for the data entry and editing side and flex for the client side UI. Any help would be appreciated, I thought I'd try to do this purely in flex.

      be well,