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    Newsletters read

      Hi all,

      I have a table with many email addresses. I want to send a newsletter to everyone of them. No problem. What I was asked is to know how many of them actually read the newsletter. I have search the web for an answer and found that nothing is 100% bullet proof. The client is aware of that.

      What I need is a simple way to implement something, to have a ballpark figure of how many read the newsletter. I read that it's possible to read the log files for an image that I can plug into the newsletter but I don't know how to read the log files espacially for that image file.

      The only thing that I can think of is to put something in the email newsletter that would make a query (insert) in the database with the client's email address. But, is it possible ? I tried to <iframe> a page but it does not work.

      If someone has a better ID or know how to do something like this, it would be much appreciated !