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    Installing GTX670 and hack

    shooternz Level 6

      Info: Win 7, I7-930 24GB Ram, BM Deck link sdi card


      Help a dummy  please.


      I NOW have a GTX670 4GB  GDDR5 super overclocking Card .....on my desk.


      (Bill Gerkhe and Steven Goetz made me do it )


      I currently intend to make this card my primary card for CS6 (and I guess I need to hack the cuda file after I install = correct ?)


      Now..I need to install it ...but I have questions and concerns.



      The manual says...remove the old card...install the new one...boot up...it will find card and attempt to install...Cancel if the option is presented but let the system run its course.


      Then install the driver from the disk supplied.  ( O.K fine with that so far).


      Advise Please:  It does not mention unstalling my previous driver?  Current vers for Quadro FX3800


      Hoping I do not have to uninstall  that because I am hoping to have two cuda cards in my system.  ( Da Vinci Resolve uses two cards. One for GUI one for processing video)




      Advise Please :


      cuda card hack....would some one advise the exact wording for this card ...that  I type into the txt file please.


      EDIT:  dont worry about that  - I worked it out as soon as I saw the file opened.



      Advise Please:


      Would  anyone suggest that I should continue to use the Quadro FX3800 card as the GUI  and GPU processor for CS6 (which it does fine despite not being latest and greatest) and letting the power of the GTX670 be the second card for processing in Da Vinci Resolve with the Quadro running the GUI (which it also does fine)


      How would I install drivers for that scenario?




      Thanx in anticpation for your knowledge and time




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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          People that use two video cards in a single system have:


          • succeeded in getting it to work when both cards use the same driver,
          • not succeeded in getting it to work, when different drivers were needed.


          Unfortunately, the Quadro drivers and the GeForce drivers are different, so chances of getting it to work are extremely small if not extinct.

          I think your only option is to sell off the FX 3800 and get another GeForce card. You may take a small gamble by getting a GTX 550 or even a GT 520, because AFAIK these use the same driver as the 670. Check that your PSU is up to the task. Or, alternatively, exchange the 670 for a 690, that is only used for 50% by PR, but serves your purpose with DaVinci and only uses a single PCIe slot.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Thanx Harm.


            I appreciate the advice.


            PSU is Coolmaster 850W and should be golden.


            I will install the GTX 670 ...get it working and then consider the second card.

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              shooternz Level 6

              Update and info FWIW


              I installed the GTX670 after removing the Quadro FX3800 ( i did not un install the drivers)


              New drivers for GTX670 were installed automatically.


              System and CS6 Suite ran perfectly.


              Color Resolve ran better although not realtime  15-18 fps ( FX heavy grades). Notice still came up that Resolve would prefer to have 2 GPUs.


              I decided to see what happened if I put the FX3800 into the spare PCIe slot. ( No monitors connected to it)


              I did so...Windows installed it ( I did not  neeed or use any additional driver). Device manager recognised two (both)  Graphics Adapters.


              Da Vinci Resolve recognised it had two GPUs ( one for GUI and one for vidoe processing)


              Not much RT performance gain but..a higher spec NVidia card (more cuda and more ram) will sort that in the near future.


              I am pleased so far.