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    CS6 Firewire 16:9 preview is letterboxed on widescreen monitor

    Cavemandude Level 1

      With CS6, is there a setting to fix the Firewire Preview since the 16:9 video is incorrectly letterboxed on a widescreen video monitor? It is basically letterboxing something that doesn't need to be letterboxed.This is for a 1080 24p AVCHD project with 1080 24p video files.


      Adobe Encore & After Effects CS6 properly dsiplay the Firewire Preview on a widescreen monitor.


      In Encore, there is acctually a setting in the Preview Menu that lets you change the TV Mode from 16:9 to 4:3 Letterbox. That only affects the preview when choosing to the Preview the DVD. When playing the video from the Timeline or clicking on a DVD Menu that setting doesn't change how the Firewire Preview displays and is always 16:9. Premiere is always 16:9 letterboxed.


      Any suggestions on how to get Premiere to display 18:9 using Firewire Preview without letterboxing it?