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    My gradient tool wont work on a black background?


      Hello everyone, I'm currently using photoshop CS6 and am trying to make a nice logo for my website. I used photoshop through high school so I know little basic things about the program. Anyways, I'm creating a logo from a tut on youtube, it says to hit "ctrl i" which makes the background black. After that I select a darkish grey as my foreground color, then I hit the gradient tool and set it to "radial gradient." Now I drag the mouse across the document and let go but nothing happens. I then tried it with a white background and it worked fine, but I want the background to be black. I made sure that it was on normal, the opacity is 100% and everything seems correct to what the tutorial was showing me. He uses a different photoshop than me so I don't know if that's what causes it.