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    How InDesign 5.5 (mac) interprets EXIF and IPTC information via captions

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional



      I have been working on a blog post about creating photo indexes or advertising indexes based on grabbing caption data of an image and then running a table of contents, then a script to sort into alpha order and a GREP to remove double-up entries.


      However, while using the "Name" and "Description" has worked well, I decided to use some camera-specific information such as make/model. When trying to reference the make/model of camera, InDesign only references "Camera", not its make or model,  and the results are hit and miss. Sometimes the results on a caption are either:


      • the model only (and many cameras don't list the make within the model in the same line, only canon seems to do this); and
      • <No data from link>;


      have been reading up on EXIF info from cameras and IPTC info within the metadata, which just poses more questions than answers.


      is there a way to "cleanse" the EXIF information so that it can be interpreted by InDesign's caption feature to perhaps concatenate the make/model fields of the metadata, and would this involve bridge?