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    Creative cloud as a small business


      As I can buy 2 licenses of Creative cloud as a small business, to expand with more products in the future and benefiting

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          kendallplant Adobe Employee

          Have you looked into Creative Cloud Team? This is a new subscription option sepcifically targeted at making the benefits of Creative Cloud available for businesses and teams.


          Creative Cloud Team Ready offer is a 12-month term based TLP (Transactional Licensing Program) offering that consists of immediate access to CS6 Master Collection and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom via ESD (Electronic Software Download). Customers of the Creative Cloud Team Ready offer receive ongoing value over time, including access to new Adobe tools, services, and applications as the offerings become available, including Adobe Edge, and Adobe Muse.


          Customers who take up this initial offer will pay the same price as Creative Cloud Team and will be transitioned into Creative Cloud Team Membership when this becomes available later in 2012.


          This page gives some additional information about the option:



          To find a reseller and learn more about pricing, go here: