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    Reader X integration with Windows Explorer and protected mode


      Hello all.


      I'm having some problems with Adobe Reader X under Windows 7 and it seems that I need to disable protected mode. I disabled it by unchecking the related option in edit-preferences, also I created the registry key for the local user (bProtectedMode = 0).


      After doing that, the protected mode seems to be disables when I open pdf documents with Reader X, but it's still enabled when previewing documents thumbnails in windows explorer. The issue is that when I open a folder containing pdf files and left click or right click them, two AcroRd32.exe processes spawn and it seems to me that it's a protected mode behaviour (broker process + sandboxed renderer process).


      I'd like to know if it's possible to fully disable protected mode so that it remains disabled even when I'm navigating directories with Windows Explorer and documents are previewed. My current Adobe Reader version is 10.1.3.


      Thank you very much.