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    How to update attribute of all rows in single shot

    megharajdeepak Level 1



      I have a XMLList:

      myList =

      <row id="1" name="abcg" status="checked"/>

      <row id="2" name="abcd" status="checked">

           <row id="22" name="abcd" status="checked"/>

           <row id="23" name="abcd" status="checked">

           <row id="24" name="abcd" status="checked">

                <row id="241" name="abcdef" status="unchecked"/>

                <row id="242" name="ghijk" status="unchecked"/>

                <row id="243" name="lmnop" status="unchecked"/>


      <row id="3" name="abce" status="checked"/>

      <row id="4" name="abcf" status="checked"/>


      I tried both, myList.row..@status = 'unchecked';  and also myList.row.@status = 'unchecked';

      but I get this error message:

      "Error #1089: Assignment to lists with more than one item is not supported."


      Is there a way to update all the rows' (parent and children) 'status' attribute's value to 'unchecked' with a single line of code? Can you kindly let me know how can we achieve this?



      Warm regards,