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    Photographer slideshow

    Tony Heagren Level 1
      Hi all,

      I'm a good designer (I like to think) but a dreadful actionscripter. (is that a real word) ?

      I'm building a site for a photographer. I want him to be able to edit as much of it as possible.
      Front page needs a rolling slideshow of 10 / 15 images.
      I'd like him to be able to edit the slideshow by dropping in new images into a folder called "collage" via ftp.
      These images would be called 1.jpg / 2.jpg / 3.jpg etc..

      I need a way (and have no idea how to acheive it) of calling the images into a movie clip which will show each image for a couple of seconds and then move on to the next - hopefully with some kind of graceful transition.
      Don't need start-stop controls, thumbnails or anything else - just a succession of images called from the server in number order. 1.jpg followed by 2.jpg etc.,

      Site is on a Unix server.

      All and any help, advice or pointers to tutorials very much appreciated.

      Best wishes

      PS - English is my first language, French my second then ragged Italian and Spanish - followed by Actionscript. Speak slowly, be kind and gentle.
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          clbeech Level 3
          alright Tony - this isn't too hard, you can get it. but to read a directory residing on the server you'll need a relatively simple php document or another server-side script. and secondly, you should not name the files beginning with a number, most scripts don't like that kind of thing, they could be any name given the criteria you outline here, the name doesn't matter because you will be 'reading' whatever files are in the directory.

          so in order to accomplish something like this you would use the LoadVars class to call the php doc, the php doc reads the contents of the desired directory, then returns a list of the files. the return LoadVars captures the list and places the information into an array. once this is complete, then you would want to use the MovieClipLoader class to load the series of images into movieclips and place them on the Stage, this way they will all be available to cycle through. therefore, once the loading procedure is complete, you would then initiate a transitioning cycle by any of a variety of means, only really (pretty much) limited by your imagination.

          to start it may be simplest to try and just do a simple 'fade' transition, easy enough to accomplish, using the Tween class. or you may want to 'slide' the images under a mask, again Tween class.

          so this should be plenty to get you started reading in the Flash Help Manual (F1), look up the items I've mentioned here and get a background in the concept usages.
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            i'm not very skilled but to avoid the php script or other server-side script you can use a loadVariables or loadVariablesNum to get a variable from a .txt that can be updated at the same time than the pictures.

            in the txt you set a variable in wich you store the number of pictures and you call them "0.jpg" , " 1.jpg" , etc...
            so you can load them easily using a loadMovie or a MovieClipLoader and a "for" like at the end of the message in witch "imagesNumber" would be your variable of number of pictures loaded from the .txt

            for the transitions i would as well use tween class wich is very very powerfull.

            (hope i was read-able since english is not my mother tongue )
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              Tony Heagren Level 1
              Elegant. Simple. Thank you.

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                UnholyJesus Level 1
                you're welcome