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    Best print-to-pdf settings for news articles

    Martin S...

      Hello, can anyone recommend appropriate settings to use for print to pdf of newspaper articles from a web browser? I archive articles from news sites as pdfs, which I then later use for both reading on pcs and portable devices and as print-outs. Specifically, what pdf standard is best to use in this case? I'm asking mainly because text in the pdfs I've made so far is much less smooth and difficult to read than I thought it would be when viewing on pc, even with acrobat 10 smoothing turned on. It makes the right edge of letters appear to be cut off. Mind you, i'm looking at the pdf at 86% (fit to height); when I zoom to 100%, the text becomes smooth again. And the pdfs also look very sharp on my portable devices. My screen is 1920x1080.



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          Bill@VT Level 7

          If it is a graphic, then a higher resolution would be useful. You should be able to tell if it is a graphic by zooming out and checking the pixels. If you are capturing the fonts, then they should look about the same at any zoom. You might want to be sure the fonts are embedded. Just as a check on some of the issues, try the press or print settings to see if things improve. The other option is to go back and modify the settings to a custom form, but good to start with one that look reasonable first -- or at least compare some of the settings files.There are other issues of the print resolution (the default 1200 dpi is typically a lot more than you need).

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            Martin S... Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            Fonts are embedded. Because the PDFs look sharp on my portable devices, I suspect the issue of the right edge of letters appearing cut off has to do with monitor resolution, though I am not sure how. That aside, is 600 dpi a suitable setting for digital copies that I also plan to print out for nonprofessional use?


            Thank you for your time