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    Book Cover Layout and Export to PDF


      Hello all

      I created a 1 page document with correct dimensions for my book cover . The front matter follows in a seperate document ( then body text, glossary, bib etc) with normal 2 page spreads.


      Exporting to PDF/X-1a:2001 goes without a hitch.

      However when I view the document in Acrobat I get this funny page from my front matter up along side my book cover. This doesn't look right to me although I understand acrobat is probably viewing this as 2 consecutive pages.


      I have tried to deselect allow page/ spread to shuffle and delete the extra page before export to pdf to see if this changes anything but it doesn't.

      How can I correct this? Or will it print fine anyway?


      Should I export the cover as a seperate PDF then the book by itself and combine them later in acrobat?


      Screenshot pdf.jpg


      Any help would be much appreciated. This is the home stretch and this beast is almost done.