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    Poor playback from timeline....after a while - Cs6

    BEL Eiendom AS



      I have an updated version of Premier cs6 on my new MacbookPro 17", meaning I use the Mercury GPU option.


      Mac: OS10.7.4 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM


      When I start playing footage on the timeline for the first time everything plays without droped frames.

      The indicator is green.

      But as soon as I start doing anything on the timeline: cuts,disolves,effects etc. playback gets poorer an poorer, and the indicator turns yellow.

      This also effects playback of the media which is untouched.


      I have tried with diferent kinds of media, from standard DV to AVCHD 720p and 1080p and DVCPROHD 1080 i


      When I save the project, shut down PP6 and open the project again the playback is perfect - until I start doing something on the timeline,

      then it starts slowing down again. I have used both the internal and an external harddrive: exactly the same reult.


      Can anybody help me ?