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    Premiere Pro CS6 - video noise in the exported file

    Thomas Mikel Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Im trying to make the transition from FCP7 to Premiere Pro CS6. I edited my first project with Premiere Pro and exported the sequence. However I noticed that the exported file had more video noise than the original clips.


      The material is shot by Canon 5D Mark III and edited natively in the Premiere's timeline. Then they are exported to ProRes 422. After noticing the noise I exported the sequence as "match the sequence settings" and it created the .mpeg file. Same thing, there was noise. I then tried another other formats of that same clip and transcoded the Mark III footage to Xdcam EX 1080p before sending to premiere. Same thing, no matter what I did.


      The only way i got the exported file to look the same as original file, was to convert the files before sending to ProRes 422, then edit those files in Premiere in the sequence thats settings are XDCAM EX 1080p and then to export it to ProRes422.


      Do you have any thoughts for this. The noise I'm talking about is not a huge amount of noise but definitely noticeable if you look the FULL-HD material.


      I really hope there is some setting I missed. Im using Mac pro 2009 and Macbook pro 2011.