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    What is the best method to block out signatures?




      Hopefully someone has some ideas on this.


      Basically my company needs to block out signatures and private information like telephone numbers in PDF documents which we publish on the web.


      We have been using the rectangle tool and 'lock' button to block out and lock the boxes so people with the Adobe reader can't read them. This isn't perfect because its like a new layer and when scrolling up and down the information behind the box is viewable for a split second. And even with the lock button ticked people with Acrobat Pro can still untick this and move the box. This can be fixed by password protecting the document but its a pain!


      Now we have a new problem. It seems these rectangle boxes don't appear on some third-party PDF viewing software. Namely the one on the iPad! People using iPads can see all private details we are publishing on the web!!


      Are there better ways to block out signature using Acrobat?? We are using Acrobat Pro 7. Since this problem arose out website has had to come down. Anyone got any ideas?


      Thanks for your help.