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    Reading Global

      Hi everyone, my friends and I have been stuck on this issue for awhile now.

      We are loading this flash movie into our VB6 program so we have no control over editting the flash file to use fscommands.

      But in the flash file there is this variable called _global.rating
      We want to read what that value is but ShockwaveFlash1.GetVariable("_global.rating") is not reading it, it gives error:
      Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':
      Method 'GetVariable' of 'IShockwaveFlash' failed

      But we can read _root.piece by going ShockwaveFlash1.GetVariable("_level0.piece")
      Isn't _global supposed to be accesible from anywhere but how come nothing is working on it :( we've also tried:

      If you can help us out that it would be greatly appreciated we have been stuck on this issue for ages

      Thanks so much