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    Utterly Confused About Usefulness of Actionscript


      I am utterly confused. I am trying to create series dynamically, meaning that I will have a dataset that looks SOMETHING like the following:




      private var arrayOne:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([







      BUT, the only thing I know for sure is that there will be a time and day value. TypeA, TypeB, and TypeC are product types, and they MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be in my dataset, simply depending on the result of a SQL query. So I need to be able to create chart series for typeA, typeB, and/or typeC (or any other type that I may not even know about yet) given that they appear in my dataset.


      I know I need to use dataFunction, since I actually need to access the 'wip' for any given product type. I have found out that 'item' is the row of the data array that is currently being accessed, so in my dataFunction I need to return something like 'item.(series).wip'. But that isn't allowed.


      private function dataFunc(series:Series, item:Object, fieldName:String):object


                if(fieldName == "yValue")


                     return item.(series).wip




      I am dealing with a dataset like the one I posted at the top of this post BUT I don't know what my product types will be, they could be anything. Yet I need to create a series for each product type. Actionscript seems incapable of handling this as far as I have seen thus far. I hope I am incorrect. If anyone can help please chime in!