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    IE + Large # of MovieClip Hangs Connection

      Hi everyone,

      I am seeing a behavior in IE that I don't see in Firefox. I am wondering if this is a bug in the IE browser or the Flash plugin. Basically, if you try to load a fair amount of images using MovieClip (I did 12) and close the window/tab (not the entire browser) before it finished loading, then open a new browser window/tab and try again, the connection is locked up. You cannot load anything from that domain or page until you restart the IE browser. Firefox did not exhibit this behavior. I can provide the entire Flash code if someone like. Note that you will probably have to run the SWF file remotely so that images don't load so quickly and you will have to be quick about closing the window/tab down before it finish loading ALL the images. The images I used are about 150KB each. I can provide the entire project if someone like.

      Hope someone can shed some light on this issue. This is causing a major headache for one of our production site.