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    Multiple TOCs Security Question

      Just getting started with RH7. I'm building a project with approx. 30 TOCs and will be limiting access to them for multiple user types for a software application. I had a question from the tech group and am wondering if someone can help. Forgive me if this seems like a 'duh' question... just not thinking about this straight. The tech guys are concerned that if we publish multiple TOCs that they then integrate into each of the user groups for the app, security from one group to another might be an issue. The system is educational and the concern is that students might be able to get their hands on the help files since they sit on the server. Again - new at this and want to know if anyone has encountered this or if there is something that I can tell them to help them wrap their minds around what is actually produced when webhelp is published so that they can build in the proper security. As a further note, each user group enters a password protected area.

      Thanks so much for not laughing and for helping!
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi PeggyUF and welcome to our community

          Wow, 30 TOCs? I'm unclear on exactly how you will be limiting access. Are you building 30 different versions of your help? That's the only way I can fathom using 30 different TOCs. You certainly can't do it by publishing a single WebHelp to a common area. You would need to generate WebHelp 30 different times to 30 different folders. Then publish each output folder to a corresponding server folder. Then restrict each user to only seeing their assigned folder.

          Hopefully that helps... Rick
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            MergeThis Level 4
            This type of environment is prety much beyond what you can accomplish strictly via RoboHelp (or any other HAT, for that matter?).

            A better solution might be to place user-specific topics into RH folders, then have the developers restrict user access to only those folders not under username/password restriction.

            Good luck,