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    TLF 3.0 - build error in Flex Builder 3

    mrHanditan Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was being asked to duplicate this question from Text Layout Framework forum to this forum:


      I am using TLF 3.0 with Flex Builder 3 and Flex 3.6 SDK.

      I am able to do the ant build just fine but since I need to debug the code, I need to do it through the normal Flex project build option.

      There is an issue when I did that though.

      There's this error message listed at the "Problems" console: "The public attribute can only be used inside a package."

      The error message is pointing to TextLayoutFormatInc.as and TabStopFormatInc.as where both of these files are not under package. These files are located at textlayout.formats.


      I don't know how to resolve this error other than excluding those two files from the build.

      What should I put on Flex compiler argument to resolve this issue?