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    Has anyone experienced check-in conflicts between RoboHelp 9 and Visual Studio 2010?

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      Here's a description of what happens when I try to edit the properties of more than one Single Source Layout (SSL) in a single RoboHelp session:


      1. Open RoboHelp 9 project in Visual Studio 2010.
      2. Edit the properties of a SSL named "Layout A". When prompted by RoboHelp, check out the .SSL file.
      3. Save and generate the output.
      4. Edit the properties of the SSL named "Layout B". When prompted to check the .SSL out from version control, click Yes. RoboHelp displays the Cannot Complete Operation dialog box: “The files in the list below could not be checked out from version control. Exclusive access to these files is required to execute the selected action.”
      5. Shut down RoboHelp, re-open the project, and can then edit Layout B. I have to do this for each layout whose properties I edit.
      6. As an experiment, check the .SSL for Layout C out of Source Control (“Check Out – Prevent other users from checking out and checking in”), edit the properties of the SSL, and click Check In All from RoboHelp. In Source Control, the file shows as checked in; in RoboHelp, the SSL shows as checked out (the red check arrow appears to the left). Checking everything in from within RoboHelp does not check in the SSL for Layout C, and when I try to edit the properties for Layout D, the Cannot Complete Operation dialog box appears.


      Since I'm working with five SSLs, this problem is a nuisance (but not a showstopper). Should I be following a different process here?

      Thanks for any assistance.