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    3D settings and actions


      How do I include 3D panel settings into my actions? I'm trying to batch save some file with 3D layers from anaglyph to interlaced view.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know that you can with actions.


          What version of photoshop and could you provide more details of the settings?

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            harveyhoudini Level 1

            I'm using CS6. On the 3D panel there is a drop down menu for the viewing method. The choices are Anaglyph, Interlaced, Alioscopy and Side by Side. I want to be able to use an action to switch between these views. I'm not opposed to creating a script if I just knew how to access this control.

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              SG... Adobe Employee



              You can save actions that will change the view, but there are some serious pitfalls. Depending on the source 3D layer, you may end up changing more than just the stereo view because it appears to record a broad range of camera settings.


              You may need to go the scripting route, but you'll have to use the ScriptLIstener plug-in because these properties weren't added to the Ps CS6 DOM. I need to see how ugly the ScriptListener output is for a simple stereo view change.


              For starters, are you working with stereoscopic images or 3D layers? If it is 3D layers, then will they share camera settings? I've only tried so far with a stereoscopic image, using a saved action to change it's view. For that case:


              1) open the stereo file and go to the Properties panel

              2) set the Type: to the view you want recorded (Lenticular for interlacing)

              3) now create a new action and start recording

              4) go to the Properties panel again and change either the Distance or Depth value to something besides its current value (then set it back if you want the default values)

              5) stop the recording


              Now you should be able to run that action and have a stereo image which opens to anaglyph view get changed to viewing as Lenticular. You'll notice that the Properties panel doesn't refresh to display the Lenticular settings after running the action. In order to refresh, you can collapse and expand the panel.




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                harveyhoudini Level 1

                I am working with stereo images in .mpo format. When you open a .mpo by dfault it's in anaglyph mode. I've tried opening a file which opens in anaglyph. I then start recording my action and the first step is to change it to my new desired view. Next I size it correctly on the screen and then save. Really simple. Except when I run the action all the file get saved as anaglyph and not interlaced. Is there a way to change the default view when importing an .mpo file?

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                  SG... Adobe Employee



                  What format are you using to save them back out? I believe if you use .psd, then the view setting should be saved with the file. If you are saving them back out as .mpo, then the view setting is dropped because that info is not written to the .mpo format.


                  To get the view from Anaglyph to Lenticular on opening any .mpo file you can try using Script Events Manager (SEM). Record the action that changes the camera property view, and then go to Scripts> Script Events Manager... In this dialog first check the 'Enable Events to Run...' to activate, and then change the Ps Event option to 'Open Document'. Now select the 'Action' radio button and choose your saved action from the pull down list. Finally click the 'Add' button on the right to add this to the upper portion, and click 'Done'.


                  Now when you open .mpo files, the action will be run and the view should be in Lenticular. One caveat is that the method I describe will throw warnings when opening non-stereoscopic formats. You can either just dismiss them, turn off the Script Event when you aren't opening .mpo files, or look at writing a script that wraps a a try/catch around the call to run the action, this stopping the warning from being displayed.