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    3d layer alignment

    francopolato Level 1

      Hello to all.


      Can you give me instructions about how I can align a 3d layer with a 3d camera?


      supose that you have an object that is suposed not to move, then you create a camera ( in my case I used camera tarcker). Once you will have set the camera and  the layer below as a 3d layer it will move from its original position. I need to know how align it perfectly and exclude the preview mode to do it, it will never be perfecly aligned


      in other words I have a camera with this size in pixel: 1920 x 1080 and a solid with the same size I need to have the corners of the solid perfectly aligned with the counterpart corners of the camera in a way as t to view the solid right in front of the camera.


      thank you



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just make the layer a 2D layer that's comp sized.


          If you must have a 3D layer then you'll have to auto orient the layer to the camera (Layer>Transform>Auto Orient) and tie scale to the distance between the camera and the layer. From your description, all you have to do is turn off the 3D option for the layer.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Rick is right, but I'll add a useful command for exactly centering a layer in a 3D view:


            To move selected layers so that their anchor points are at the center in the current view, choose Layer > Transform > Center In View or press Ctrl+Home (Windows) or Command+Home (Mac OS).

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              francopolato Level 1

              yes I did both of them but they didn't work correctly because the camera is rotated and when I center in View it doesn't affect the rotation of the layer I wont to coincide with the camera. Morover centering in view change de Z axis ( distance) that I want it to be 0. (fig 2)


              I neet the layer to be 3d and not 2d.


              when I set the layer oriented toward camera when the view is trough the camera in question the solid place itself in a strange manner. (fig 1)


              even if I set both of the command the layer won't be aligned properly.


              here is two picture


              orient toward camera.jpg

              centr in view.jpg

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Thanks for chiming in Mathias.


                Painting out the deck chairs is going to require careful hand work if the shot has any significant movement. Automating a clone is going to be real tough. Offsetting in time (another neat trick with Mocha made easier with Mathias' nifty AE scripts) is going to be difficult because of the foreground objects.


                This points out the great danger all VFX artists run into when we promise something before we see the shot or, worse yet, promise something without being part of the production planning. That's why the big boys hire VFX supervisors. It takes a lot of experience to know what can be done in a reasonable amount of time and on a reasonable budget.

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