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    PR6, Broadcast Safe --> DNxHD --> not safe -lots of dots!

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      I've been seeing a problem in CS6 that I had not been coming accross in CS5.5 and thought I'd spend a little time investigating today while I waited for a long render on another machine.


      Source footage = AVCHD + some Colorista II adjustments + Broadcast Safe (IRE100) to bring things back to being rational in the highlights. 


      Export to:


      1) H264 - Perfect

      2) ProRes - Perfect

      3) DNxHD - Hmmm.... lots of black dots where things were orignally not broadcast safe.


      Tried the same thing in CS5.5....


      Export to :


      1) H264 - Perfect

      2) ProRes - Perfect

      3) DHxHD - PERFECT !


      Tried the same thing through Media Encoder CS6 and CS5.5. with the same results.


      I loaded the sequences back in the Pr (CS6) and looked at the scopes and the DNxHD file shows scopes seriously over the top, whereas the same file produced from the same source via CS5.5 is fine.



      Happens on BOTH Windows 7 & Mac, although the black dots are actually coloured dots on the Mac (when played back on either Pc or Mac) !



      ANY IDEAS ??? 

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          josephs51576386 Level 3

          I haven't seen this yet although I haven't checked for it yet either. However I will check this out tommorow when I arrive at work and let you know if I have the same issue or not.


          I have noticed a different issue though when dealing with DNxHD in Premiere cs6, if you export something as DNxHD220 10-bit with a compressed alpha channel in certain cases it will make the edges of the lower-third/bump or w/e jagged. In Premiere cs5 and 5.5 this issue didn't exist at all.