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    setDRMAuthenticationCredentials - undefined method in Flex Builder 3


      Hi folks,


      I will post this here and in the Flash Access forums as well hoping somebody can shed a light on this issue.


      We have decided to once again use and create custom Adboe AIR Apps for our video products, but unlike the last time we are going to be using Flash Access for DRM protection.  I have started building a basic video player in Flex Builder 3 (same app I used in the past) but when I try to use the method setDRMAuthenticationCredentials Flex Builder spits out an error....



      Severity and DescriptionPathResourceLocationCreation TimeId
      1061: Call to a possibly undefined method setDRMAuthenticationCredentials through a reference with static type mx.controls:VideoDisplay.test/srctest.mxmlline 291343078584234



      How can this be?  setDRMAuthenticationCredentials is not defined?  Is this because I am using Flex Builder 3?  Do I need to upgrade to Flash Builder?  I cannot even build the app as long as there is this error.


      Any ideas?